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Haining Old Ginger Dandie Dinmont Hendricks Gin, 70cl


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Product Description

In the summer this year a new sculpture old 'Old Ginger' the antecedent father of the Dandie Dinmont dog breed was unveiled in the grounds of the Haining House in Selkirk. In commemoration of the Old Ginger sculpture , and to raise much needed funds for the restoration of the Haining House and Grounds, we're working with Kenny Allan to produce a numbered edition of 'Haining Old Ginger Hendricks Gin' bottles.

The bottles are only being sold between the 1st of October and the 31st of December 2017 and each bottle is individually numbered as part of the engraving. The edition size will be the number of bottles produced within the three months.

We are accepting orders from today, however will not start making them until the 1st October, they are produced on a sequentially numbered basis, first come, first served. We can ship these bottles worldwide and they are cheaper to ship in small batches than singly. £5.00 on every bottle sold will be donated to the Haining Charitable Trust in early January 2018.

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