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Waterloo 200th Anniversary, Charge of the Royal Scots Greys, Bronze

Charge of the Royal Scots Greys Waterloo 200, Bronze


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Product Description

Twelve inch scale cold cast bronze sculpture depicting the famous Charge of the Greys at Waterloo. This is our 200th Anniversary Piece and is a Limited Edition of 200. This sculpture is only available in the UK due to the way we have to pack and send them. The Mahogany base is standard and you can see it has a front and back brass plate fitted commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo and the Limited Edition Number of this particular sculpture.

The total size of the sculpture on its base is as follows it is 66cm from the tip of the sabre to the end of the tail, 55cm from tabletop to top of Bearskin and 25cm wide across the wooden base.

In the last 25 years we have occasionally set ourselves the problem of extending our capabilities and in this sculpture we have taken a huge leap and we are pleased to announce the imminent launch of our fantastic new large scale Waterloo Centrepiece. It is to be made in an edition of only 200 to commemorate the 200 years that have passed since the famous 'Charge of the Greys'. This is the Cold cast bronze casting.

In 1994 the Company was really stuggling to get established and we were facing huge uncertainty in the business, all around us the banks, consultants and local Enterprise Agency were advising us to have our products out-sourced (made in China). Instead of capitulating we decided to 'float the boat' with our 1st cavalry piece which for us at the time marked a progression into more complicated centrepieces. In hindsight this was a turning point for us as we gained a new confidence. I feel that in this large complicated and beautiful sclupture we've taken another step forward which in the coming few months will lead us into another new direction.

This is a 12" scale version of our 1st Cavalryman and in making it bigger we can add in more detail and more movement. The finished piece will be breathtaking. It will be mounted on a mahogany base as standard and each sculpture will be numbered 1 to 200.