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Engraving Service Details

We want to make it easy to create a special personalised engraving for your crystal or bottle. To help make our service simple:

  • All prices shown include engraving and design/setup
  • Every template is hand drawn by our artists and sent to you for approval before engraving
  • We can convert most colour crests or logos and already have a large selection on file
  • We aim for a quick turn around with delivery usually 2-3 days after the design is confirmed.

Urgent Orders

We aim to have orders despatched as quickly as possible and send everythign with an Express 24 hour service by Parcelforce in the UK. If you need you order urgently please phone us on 01896 870697 and we can often dispatch on the same (if placed before 10am) or next day

Creating A Design For Engraving

Creating A Design For Engraving

When you purchase any of our items we offer you a 'blank canvas' for any message you would like to say.

A design can be uploaded at the time of ordering or we will contact you by email after if you wish to leave it blank and discuss it.

We can accept designs in most file formats, if the uploader is not accepting your file please email it to us at

Designs can include text and images, we have a wide range of logos and crests on file. Most others can be converted to black and white at no charge.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create the perfect personalised engraving. When creating a design don't worry about sizing, centring and spacing.

We will professionally arrange and lay it out with:

  • All items centred (unless you specify otherwise)
  • Even spacing between items
  • Sizing to fit the engraving piece and balanced between images and text.
We will then send you a template proof to confirm before engraving begins.

Engraving Samples Ideas PDF

Please follow this link to view the pdf with engraving ideas and samples
The PDF only contains a small fraction of the images we have on file. If you would like something specific please ask as we may already have it or can find it for you.

Uploading a file

The easiest way to upload a design is to put your image and wording into a Word document with a rough layout.

We have a lot of images on file so you don't need to include the image and can just put a description of what you'd like.

For example
"I would like to have the Leaves border with the initials M&P engraved in the center. The initials should be clear but in cursive and as large as can fit into the border."
was made into the following template:

Uploading a file

Engraving Text

Space permitting, we can engrave any text or black and white images required.

For text, engraveable space is the only limit and we will scale any text to the available space. Due to the practicalities of the sand blasting we cannot engrave below a size 10 font so if there is too much text we will offer suggestions to reduce or shorten it.

Generally a good way to think about the text to be written is "less is more" as fewer words often makes a clearer, more striking engraving.

Unless otherwise requested we will select a font for the bottle that best reflects the message - If you want a specific font please mention it with your details.

Once we know what text and images are wanted each template is individually designed to best fill the available space as well as any specific layout requested.

Engraving Images

All our items can also have images engraved at no additional cost the images are black and white with the black being cut in. We have a large library covering many occasions, armed forces and emergency services crests and insignia. We can also convert most images and logos to black and white at no charge. If you have your own design or one that can be found online please email it to us and we will let you know if it is possible. The image needs to be clear and of a reasonable resolution (size).

Unfortunately we are unable to convert photos as they are too complicated for 2 colours. Below are some examples of images that have been converted for engraving:

Engraving Conversion sample HMS Queen Victoria
Engraving conversion McGinn Clan Crest

Advanced/ Creating your own design

If you would like to create your own design to be directly engraved please contact us and we are happly to provide exact sizing and templates for each item.

We work in Coreldraw so would ideally require the final image in vector - CDR, prepress PDF or EPS. AI and PSD files don't alway import correctly.

For engraving a mimimum line thickness of 0.25mm is required. Any fonts used must be a minimum 10pt with a 0.25mm thickness, this is usually only an issue for complicated script fonts and we can thicken them up a bit if needed.

All images must be two tone, black and white with any black areas being the ones that will be cut.