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Grenadier Guards, Infantry Regiment of Footguards

British Army Grenadier Foot Guards Regimental figurines and statuettes. In this section we've sculpted a series of high quality British Army Grenadier Foot Guards figurines which depict Guards of the Grenadier Guards Regiment from the Battlefield of Waterloo in 1815 to the present day. They include a Grenadier Guard Guardsman during the Queen's Birthday Parade in review order, Grenadier Guards Side Drummers and a 1st Foot Guards Sergeant at Waterloo. They are ideal as military gifts and military presentations and regimental collectibles.

The Grenadier Guards form part of Her Majesty The Queen's bodyguard and are the senior regiment of British Foot Guards they wear white bearskin plumes and have 'even' spacing of buttons down their tunic fronts.